discover + dosage

discover + dosage

The juice, love + happiness team members are not medical professionals.

We can say that with any new vitamin or supplement routine, being consistent and listening to your body is fundamental to optimize your journey.  Our products are tested through an independent laboratory to ensure the serving size of hemp derived CBD is accurate and that you are beginning with a pure product.

While we do not test on animals; we test our products on friends and family.  We can tell you that dosing and response times for each, are as unique as they are. 

Some have started around 15 mg/day and feel that is a good supplemental dosage for their health regime, while others find 25 mg/day is right for them.  As with any journey, we recommend keeping a journal; note your dosage, timing, and how your body feels.  You do you, best!

*Please, consult your physician when beginning any new wellness regime.

How to calculate CBD mg per ml?

Full spectrum CBD oils:

1 dropper = 1 ml

Isolate CBD Oils:

8 pumps = 1 ml

Total mg/ml:

Total mg/ounce (as labeled) ÷ 30. Example: 500 mg CBD/ounce ÷ 30 ≅ 16.7 mg of CBD/ml